Your Mattress, Your Way

At Holder Bedding, each mattress is hand crafted to meet our quality standards. We use state of the art equipment to build our mattresses. Our lineup of mattress sets includes 4 premium-quality mattresses that are built right here in Lafayette, Indiana! And for each set, we have 3 options for materials. We offer Traditional Innerspring mattresses, Gel Memory Foam mattresses, and Individual Pocket Coil mattresses.

We are a CertiPUR-US certified manufacturer! This means that all of our mattresses are made from non-toxic, green materials!

Gel Memory Foam

Not all memory foams are created equal. At Holder Bedding, we choose to use G Flex™ 100% gel-infused foam in the creation of our gel memory foam mattresses. Traditional memory foam may provide more comfort than other mattress tops, but it also reflects body heat, slowly increasing the surface temperature of your body while you sleep. Other types of memory foam, such as chunk gel foam, only has randomly distributed areas of gel in the memory foam, which can lead to the creation of hot spots where heat is reflected.

With G Flex™ gel memory foam, body heat is whisked away during sleep, providing a more comfortable sleeping experience and aiding in consistent sleep temperature. With more support and reduced motion transfer, you will sleep soundly in a gel memory foam mattress created by Holder Bedding.

holder bedding lafayette indiana uses G Flex™ 100% gel-infused foam

Traditional Innerspring

The traditional innerspring has long been the solution to sleep, but Holder Bedding goes the extra mile to ensure that our innerspring mattresses provide supreme comfort as well as lasting durability. We use the highest grade of steel innersprings in the creation of our mattresses in various gauges to provide enduring support.

holder bedding lafayette indiana innerspring technology provides premium comfort

Individual Pocket Coil

Individual pocket coil mattresses are made of a system of wrapped coils that are barrel-shaped and knotless and which are encased in fabric pockets, thus the name. Unlike a traditional spring mattress, these coils are not wired together. They each respond to weight directly where it is applied. This is a great choice for those who would rather not disturb or be disturbed by their partner.

holder beddings individual pocket coil mattresses are a great choice for those who would rather not disturb or be disturbed by their partner

Our Happy Customers

Doris C.

We are incredibly satisfied with our two new mattress/box spring sets! We worked with Jonathan and he helped make it a great experience. We really appreciated how he knew his products, details, specifications, etc. Our mattresses were made quickly and were very reasonably priced for all that they are tailor-made. The delivery folks took great care, as well. We received great customer service, and locally, too, how convenient is that!

Ed T.

Just bought my second Holder Bedding mattress and will never go anywhere else. First one lasted 13 years. The folks are honest, upfront and know their business. You will pay a little less than the big name mattress companies but, get a much better, custom made mattress, EXACTLY like you want it. Locally owned and operated. Don't waste your time anywhere else, just go there for your bedding and you will be more than satisfied.

Taylor M.

I highly recommend getting your mattress at Holder. We had a specific request for the type of mattress we wanted. Jonathan and the staff are wonderful to work with. They made our mattress exactly how we wanted it and went above and beyond in customer service. My husband and I have been able to get a great night sleep without waking up with aches and pains! We will definitely be buying from Holder again.